Thai Ridgeback Dog” (TRD) is the national dog of Thailand. There are so many historical inscriptionswhich recorded that Thai Ridgeback dogs were raised and developed to be beautiful and wise by upper classes and nobilities in palaces for such a long period of hundreds of years.

Currently, Thai people admire to raise international-breed dogs. Meanwhile, the number of Thai people who raise Thai Ridgeback dogs are decreasing dramatically, while Russian, Spanish, and German people admire to raise Thai Ridgeback dogs increasingly.

In A.D. 2000, Police Captain Krit Chalitworakul an opinion that the dog farmingin Thailand was still not standardizedadequately, for example, matching studs and brood bitches that was still not systemic, breeders were lack of nutritional knowledge, farming was still open system without disease control and etc.Therefore, Police Captain PansakKanthasornhad established Thailand Ridgeback Dog Farm that is now located in Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand,in order to increase population of Thai Ridgeback dogs and develop them to be beautiful, heathy with no disease, and wise, by arranging good farming, breeding, foods and place with appliedinternational standards.

This farm is currently being accepted by both Thai and foreign people. It is considered as the farm which has unique breeding styles with applied international standards and can generate high-quality Thai Ridgeback dogsin Thailand.